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Robbins Pallets strives to provide the ideal solutions for all your wood pallet needs. We establish unique programs for each of our customers to give them premium services. Transportation is provided by our trucks to further assist you with your wood pallet needs.

Robbins Pallets is recognized as a certified heat treating facility. As always, we welcome the opportunuity to meet your wood pallet needs.

Learn about our Wood Pallet Services

Wood Pallets

Learn about our Wood Pallet Services

"Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction, and skillful execution;
it represents the wise choice of many alternatives."
~William A. Foster~
Robbins Pallets Wood Pallets

Robbins Pallets Wood Pallets Robbins Pallets is a family owned company that works hard to satisfy it's customers with premium services and competitive pricing.

Established in 1997, Robbins Pallets continues to expand throughout the Illinois and Iowa area with the help of an efficient hardworking crew of employees. Through the years, Robbins Pallets has established it's own trucking service in order to provide more flexible and reliable delivery and pallet removal services.

Robbins Pallets has the ability to build custom sized pallets and offer the economical option of combining used wood with new wood for a stronger approach to recycling. Inside storage is provided at our Galesburg facility for your assurance against weather damaged pallets.

Robbins Pallets is now recognized as a certified heat treating facility. Our heat treating fees are very competitive with a quick turn around time, and we also accept outside wood pallet suppliers. Robbins Pallets is dedicated to providing a prompt and efficient wood pallet service with competitive pricing.

Wood Pallet Stacks
Custom Built Wooden Pallets
Wood Pallet Lumber

Robbins Pallets offers unique and low-cost wood pallet solutions for a more economical and environmental friendly solution over plastic pallets.

Hardwood pallets are the workhorse of the industry.
A perfect Economical Solution!

Hardwood Pallets
Easy 4-way fork lift access.
Made of tough, durable hardwood.
Wood Pallets are stackable and reusable.
We offer standard size options for your convenience.
Robbins Pallets' wood pallets are custom built to your specifications.

Custom Built Wood Pallets We build all sizes to your specifications.

Robbins Pallets Sawmill for customizable solutions

Wood Pallets can be built from new lumber, used lumber or a combination of both new and used lumber.

Pallets built with a combination of new and used lumber give a great new aspect on recycling with stronger results.

Wood Pallets built from all used lumber have the pure recycling approach and are the most substantial in savings.

Free Sample and Consultation for your pallet solution.

Wood Pallet Rebuild Programs

Pallet Rebuild Programs are customized to meet your specific needs.
Dedicated to recycling, Robbins Pallets repairs used pallets, disassembles old discarded pallets and remanufactures wood pallets with new lumber, used lumber or a combination of both new and used lumber.
Hardwood Pallet

We establish unique programs for each of our customers.

Credit given for scrap pallets, when making a purchase.

Pallet repair for re-use.

Wood pallet rebuild programs an be integrated with custom built options for your unique solution.

Wood Pallet Removal
Scrap pallet & pallet lumber pickup services tailored to your needs

Hardwood Pallet
  • Robbins Pallets provides wood pallet removal of all sizes.
  • We will travel to your location and drop trailers as needed for loading.
  • We bid per pallet or buy trailer loads for large quantities of 48 x 40 pallets.
  • We're dependable and customize your pallet removal service to your needs.
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Robbins Pallets strives to create unique programs that suit your pallet needs.
Please contact us for more information on your perfect pallet solution!
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